How to recognize a true friend

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How to recognize a true friend

How to recognize a true friend?

A real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out- Walter Winchel

Who exactly is your friend? I’m sure you are starting to roll out names, but hold on. How did you come to conclusion that the person or those persons are truly a friend or friends? Most times in life, those we call our friends are loved ones, extended family members and people we met that contributed positively to our lives. In our everyday life, we meet people from diverse culture and belief, their impact and the values they add to our lives goes a long way to what we call them. As human we are different and unique to the next person sitting next to us. Some have few friends, the other person might have hundreds while the guy next door might prefer to be a loner.

Knowing a true friend can be a daunting challenge. It could have psychological effects on us, when we discover that guy or lady doesn’t really care much and he or she is never there when we needed them most.

Of recent, the word friend has been bastardized lately because of the modern age; information age. Now there is the possibility of someone have 100, 000 friends via Facebook, at least they are all grouped as friends. These days, it’s easy to label a complete stranger as a friend. But who among them all, can we lean on or who among those we smile and laugh with are truly friends indeed.

Why we really need a friend?

A friend cannot be a family member nor someone you are related to by blood. A friend is a complete stranger you meet whether during your childhood or of recent that has proofed to be dependable. In life, life happens, we could be kicked and dejected. During these times, our immediate family might not be there while that special feeling of being loved and cared for by another person might be the magic to get back up in life.

Recognizing your true friend

Firstly, to know your true friend, you need to be blunt and ask yourself some salient questions. Prepare a scale to rate them on each question while getting an advisor can be useful. No need to pay anyone, your brother or sister can be your advisor, provided they are not biased. Now, let’s go!

What’s this person’s contribution to my life so far?

Where’s this guy during the rainy days?

How many times has she defended you in public even behind you?

Is he always skeptical when someone speaks ill about you?

Is that dude just there when you love to grab a cold bottle of beer at the bar down the street?  

Can he vouch for you when money is involved?

How often those he/she protect your interest?

Lastly, what sacrifice have they made for you?

It will be easy for you to answer these questions provided you’ve reciprocated same to their lives.

However, all these questions might be hard to answer, because you can be emotional about them. Get yourself an advisor to help. Know your true friends today!