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Dear students, I would be happy to share my journalistic skills in order for you to gain knowledge in writing and reporting information. My passion is screenwriting. As part of my studies at university, I have taken several courses in screenwriting and visual storytelling. Also, I have participated in several university contests, where my short films were acclaimed by the judging panel. Additionally, back in 2018, one of my short scripts was selected for a podcast in the USA, Script Shop Show: http://scriptshopshow.com/dream-trip-artem-chukanov-script-shop-episode-041/ I can help you learn the essentials of creative writing and budgeting of a motion picture. All the lessons are conducted in English or Russian, but also I could provide most of the information in Bulgarian. I would be happy to help you write your first short or feature and cover the submission fees if you want to participate in a screenwriting contest. Proposed time slots are flexible. We will make it work!
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