About the Project


        Although I founded the Company and started implementing the project in 2017, when I am 29 years old, the idea came up 10 years ago. Back in those years I had already gained rich life experience. On the one hand, from early childhood I grew up in a highly competitive environment of talented musicians, and my musical education taught me order, discipline, persistent pursuance of objectives, attention to detail, and teamwork. I had intense concert activities, contests, many hours of practice in front of the keyboard every day. I was constantly under the spotlight, I was hearing the applause and lived for the audience. In these years I learnt to recognize and to hear the talent, the perspective and valuable people. On the other hand, however, living in an end neighborhood, I got to know the unpleasant side of life. People without values, without culture, without access to information and education that sank down into the social hierarchy until their complete self-destruction.

Even back then I used to dream about such a virtual place where everyone can receive personal attention and response to their questions or a resolution to their problems. Also, anyone who feels prepared enough on a topic to be able to share the lessons learnt and their experiences with others. In addition, it had to be possible to happen at an affordable price, or even for free, because there are many people around the world who are unable to obtain access to information because of financial reasons. I believe that everyone should have access to information or just advice when the need arises for them, regardless of their origin, location or social status. Specialized forums, Google and other forms of information exchange allow this to a great extent but cannot replace face-to-face communication, which is the basis of a friendly dialogue that can focus entirely and specifically on the needs of the person. Nowadays, after the development of Internet technology, it is now possible and the time for the realization of this project has come.


1.      Very often, when a person is in a period of crisis, is facing a problem or is going through a difficult period of their life, he or she needs to hold one or a series of calls with an experienced professional. It is wrong to stay silent, the problem has to be discussed, one should talk about it. Many people are embarrassed to turn to family and friends (which I strongly encourage as a mandatory first step), either because they are ashamed, or for fear of getting them bored, and why not because they want to share their story with a stranger and receive an independent opinion, or they just need to be heard by an outside person. Here they will find people who will understand them, meet them in an informal setting, go through the difficult period together with them, and get independent help that is not influenced by their acquaintance. 

2.      Advisor.live not only for people who are experiencing a problem. The project is primarily targeted at people who are curious to learn something new. We will take care to find advisors who are interesting to talk to on issues that excite you. Very often we have questions that require a specific response, but at this moment we don't have at hand a friend with such competence. This is the perfect place where you can get the necessary answer in a single session. Are you interested in a specific profession, opportunities and the way to realization, the everyday life, the good and the bad moments that it gives or takes from you? Do you want to acquire a specific skill, part of this profession? Our advisors will take care to explain firsthand and in detail the things that interest you. Don't overlook the possibility of a series of sessions in which you can hone your skills. You can choose the schedule – only when you are ready.

3.      Focus to talented, promising and successful people. Advisor.live will invest a large part of its profits in finding, supporting, training and assisting in the realization of talented people in all fields. We will also provide a platform from which these people can be useful to society, and at the same time, with the proceeds and the experience of their participation they can support their professional development. Our reputable advisors can be already established professionals with full employment, providing their little free time to help users as well as young and promising people, for which revenues from their being here will be an essential matter. I believe that it is not necessary to have a master's degree in a given field in order to be useful with your competent knowledge. In any case, for me and the team that we will work with, what we claim to be good at, is on the one hand the right judgment and innovative thinking, and on the other hand - the perseverance in our work to gather in one place as many people as possible who deserve to be heard!


    The Advisor.live project started with 100% equity in the form of a private Company. In this version we provide the basis on which the platform will be based, namely video calls between advisors and members through an appointment in advance which is convenient for both sides. In addition, we are building a video library with pre-recorded materials, courses or other type of video training and sharing of experience. Last but not least, we organize webinars, through which we aim to reach out to more people at once at a minimum cost to the user, when discussing a common question or for the purposes of educational activity.

This is just the beginning, and we will not stop here. With the expansion of the Company and the financial capacity through self-support or attracting investors (whichever occurs first), we will be working on a specialized web platform/app that will give users a great deal of functionality and thus will create a new type of communication environment. Some key highlights that we would like to provide are:

  • Core for instant access (without an appointment in advance) to 24-hour primary information consulting service through agents, with a single session fee or a fixed monthly subscription, tailored to the needs and capabilities of each user.
  • We will create regular group video sessions for mutual help.
  • We will build a detailed interface of the user profile, through which each user will have their own channel for uploading useful materials and we wil give them access to the statistics of interest in it. We will build general channels in which we will systematize the information on similar topics. We will implement a rating system through which our best-rated users will be listed as paid advisors and/or will receive other bonuses, thus boosting competitiveness and development. All materials will always be 100% owned by the authors.
  • We will combine the maximum number of independent guest advisors in specialized topics.
  • In addition to the above, we will also invite leading companies to provide their consultants free of charge to our users in regards to questions or issues related to the use of their services or products. In this way users will have access to systematic information of the type "all in one place" upon request and the opportunity for the shortest possible time to connect with more suppliers of services and products to compare terms and take advantage of the preferred provider of a service or product. 
  • Many other features are also in the process of development, and all will be arranged in the appropriate interface so that everyone can find the exact section that they are interested in.

    I am available for discussion with any interested advertiser or investor, and I will welcome with joy and attention any praise, criticism or advice from any user through the forms for direct contact or the social networks.


    Advisor.live is a startup project that aims to provide convenience and support to its participants through today's online technologies, regardless of what side of the screen they are. In one case, as users who can get the most important information – access to specialist information, and in the other case, as advisors - through their contribution to help their development. Since we can be in both roles at the same time, in this way we will achieve a natural symbiosis between the members and advisors, which leads to an enjoyable environment. With its commitment as a company to participate actively in the promotion and development of talented people, as well as the intention to provide access to information services in places where they are still missing, we can say that the success of the project will have a deep social resonance.

Vasil Peychev

Founder & CEO 

Advisor Live Ltd.