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Our Advisors create exclusive content, like courses, lectures, how-to videos, and other useful material. Check them out at a minimum pricing via monthly membership, timed pay-per-view rentals, or a one-time purchase.


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A new way of interacting

We go beyond conventional counseling. Become a part of community hub that brings together talented experts with people seeking answers.

Are you looking for a simple answer, a series of lessons? Maybe something bothers you, or you just want to meet exciting new friends. We are at your disposal to face any individual need. 

Key Features


User friendly, 100% plugin-free. No software to download. Supported browsers  are: Chrome, Firefox, Opera


Book sessions by date and hour convenient to you. Sync the scheduled appointments with Google Calendar or we will send you an e-mail reminder.


Want to watch your session again later? Start and stop recording with a click of a button at any time. We can't do so without your knowledge! Your privacy is guaranteed! 


You are able to share your screen or a document during the call. You can also attach files prior to the session, to make the Advisor more familiar with the topic that you want to discuss.


Our Advisors create content especially for you — lessons, courses, and step-by-step instructions. We provide flexible pricing based on monthly membership, timed pay-per-view rentals, or a one-time purchase.


Our main goal is to find and connect you with very special people. They are talented, successful, and respected in their fields and have great experiences to share with you. 


We are not focused on a certain niche. Gradually growing, we aim to unite as many Advisors as necessary to help you find the one who will best meet your needs.


We are continuously upgrading, and will develop a unique platform where YOU will take the main role. The best is yet to come!


The fastest and easiest way to get answers

Use it comfortably from your home, office, or wherever you are. Save time. Here, you have a wide array of Advisors familiar with any topic to choose from, which can save you from wasting valuable time.

Are you on a budget? This is the right place for you! 

Counseling services are expensive. We are able to reduce the cost by moving the process online. Have you ever had a simple question, but not willing to spend hundreds of dollars or valuable time to get a professional answer? We provide the right solution.

Do you just need to talk to somebody? 

It is not necessary to have a particular question or worry in order to use Advisor.Live. We can listen as well as we can talk. Do not hesitate to contact an Advisor just to chat with someone. All of them have very unique personalities. How about you? Tell us your story.

Choose who you will get in touch with personally 

We don't match you to someone based on our preference, and neither do our Advisors. We believe you are able to choose for yourself who is best suited to talk with you.

Welcome, everyone! We built this place together   

Nobody is perfect, but everyone has skills in one field or another. We can be useful to each other and that's our purpose – to get and provide answers simultaneously. We will carefully manage a huge knowledge base, uniting advisors with users in a bound symbiosis.

Join us in our social aim


By using our services, you will make it possible for us to expand enough to be able to achieve our long-term goal, in cooperation with our partners.  We will take care to provide access to information in any place that it still lacks. Bringing the world closer together is what we aim for.


Susan Peabody

Addictions / Relationships

Life Coach 

My goal is to help people feel better about themselves and about life. I specialize in the treatment of love addiction, but I am also a life coach. People looking for love within the framework of a committed relationship really have nothing to offer if they are still stuck in the past.

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Are you a highly qualified individual? Have you got experience to share? Would you like to advise people who are interested in what you are doing? Then, you are the right person to join our community.  We are excited to bring you on board! 

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